Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Busy with New Dolls and Animals

Been a very busy April and now into May.
Visiting alot of friends and new shops o promote my dolls and animals.
Gun Chick
To start, Gun Chick has been very popular with nurses that enjoy competing at the gun and rifle range in Houston, Texas.  Requests to make from them and here is one of them.Made several more in jeans and camouflage motif. They were so excited.

Annalisa at Prima Dora in Austin, Texas helped me with ideas for new toys. Made an octopus with my textured stitch for the tentacles and using variegated colors to make it pop appealing wise. Very popular and now selling at the Oasis gift shop in Lake Travis, Texas.
Added my Oatmeal the Teddy Bear using Homespun which produced a bigger bear. That's a thanks to Tracey at Annie's House Chocolates and Gifts in Chappell Hill, Texas.
Homespun Oatmeal

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Been making Oatmeal for Nurse's Week.
More patterns coming up. Thanks, PJ

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