Friday, March 2, 2012

Georgia, the Giraffe
New month and lots of new items made.
Prima Dora in Austin now sell my dolls.
New patterns almost ready to be released. It does take time to edit and make many prototypes in order to have a great item to share. Many of you have been patient and I am grateful.
So, I have many pics to share. Check them out below.
Check out my Etsy shop, too.
I made a decision to keep my pattern prices at $1.99. That should be helpful.
Hill Country Weavers sells the patterns  though their shops, too if you are a Ravelry member. If in Austin, check them out. Using Kadmandu Chunky and Marble Chunky yarn for Oatmeal, the Teddy Bear. (They come out bigger)
Rodeo Skull Chick and Raggedy Ann Lapquilt was donated to Parkside Montessori for Music Matters for fundraiser. Thanks for letting me participate, Elizabeth!
Thanks to all, PJ

Spring Doll

Skull Head, now on Etsy for $10.
Rodeo Skull Chick as donation to Parkside for Music Matters fundraiser

Oatmeal in Marble Chunky @ HCW
Oatmeal in Katmandu Chunky @HCW

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