Monday, December 26, 2011

At Parkside Bazaar

Raggedy Ann
Wishing everyone a delightful holiday bliss!
Was very busy for 2 months but enjoyed making creative dolls, bears, and animals.
Enjoyed a great time at a craft fair at Parkside Montessori school in Austin.
Everyone was great.

Made some custom dolls. Pushed creativity to a new level.
Looking forward to adding new patterns in crochet and knitting.
Looking forward to adding small quilts to this blog.
Looking forward to adding sculpture designs to this blog.
I want to thank everyone who helped me make a cool transition to a new business.
Here's looking forward to a new year.

Dark Knight Custom Order

With warm regards, PJ

Monday, December 5, 2011

Started to get cold in Austin. So  I had to make Snow Chick
She measures 7.5 inches tall. Definitely fun to make.
Now a free downloadble PDF to share with you.

This is my Police Teddy from my Oatmeal, the Teddy Bear PDF.

Please don't forget to check out my other patterns on Etsy.
More patterns to come.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Milo, the Tuff Pup PDF

Milo, the Tuff  Pup 
is now available as a PDF downloadable crochet pattern for 3.99 direct from my Ravelry store.

Make that handmade cute pup for that special someone.
Milo measures 7 inches tall.

Also, follow me on my etsy.com and
on pjcraftsinaustin.com stores for finished and made to order dolls and animals.
With warm regards, PJ

Friday, December 2, 2011

Cookie's Pup

Cookie's Pup now available in PDF for 3.99 on Ravelry.
Made as a gift for mom, I hope you enjoy
making as I did designing and creating.
Don't forget to embellish!
Makes a great gift for the holidays.